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2007 Bibliography & Guide to Sources on Botswana

Aimed primarily at students attempting a research essay proposal in HIS 306

Compiled by Neil Parsons (03 January 2007)

NB: New document, replacing earlier (1997) bibliography. The older document remains available (see below).

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For the previous main general bibliography of Botswana historical sources on this site, compiled in 1997, click here for 1997 bibliography. See also the list of University of Botswana History BA and MA research essays The THUTO web-site will also host a revised consolidated checklist of university theses and dissertations.

You can also download the entire bibliography as an RTF file and print it out for yourself.

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Bibliographies & Research Guides

Campbell, Alec, & Mike Main. Guide to Greater Gaborone: A Historical Guide to the Region around Gaborone including Kanye, Lobatse, Mochudi and Molepolole . Gaborone: Botswana Society/ The Authors, 2003. 292pp. [‘Places to visit and sights to see, described in their historical and archaeological settings’ incl. bibliographical references]

Hitchcock, Robert, Neil Parsons & John Taylor (eds.) Research for Development in Botswana: Proceedings of a Symposium held by the Botswana Society at the Gaborone Sun Conference Centre, Gaborone, August 19-21 1985 Gaborone: Botswana Society, 1987. 453pp [incl. chapters on research before 1970, post-1970 research on natural resources, agriculture, intermediate technology, health, land use, population, employment, economy, media, education, history & archaeology, society, & research coordination; Remote Areas/ Basarwa research (with extensive bibliography0, Tribal Grazing Lands Policy, government research institutions & research libraries; Anthropological Research Act 1967; general bibliography with 246 entries]

Hudson, Derek & Jan Isaksen (comps.) The Quality of Life in Botswana: An Annotated Bibliography on Income Distribution, Social Indicators, Social Welfare and Natural Resources Gaborone: Botswana Society (Bibliography of Botswana Part IV), 1998. 243pp [586 entries alphabetical by author, with subject index]

Morton, Barry (comp.) Pre-Colonial Botswana: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Sources Gaborone: Botswana Society (Bibliography of Botswana Part II), 1994. 67pp [465 entries incl. 71 written before 1839; 125 written 1840-74; 58 written 1875-85; 10 newspapers; 61 oral tradition & folklore; 31 language & literature; 14 archives; 88 secondary sources; 7 bibliographies]

van Waarden, Catrien (comp.) The Prehistory and Archaeology of Botswana: An Annotated Bibliography Gaborone: Botswana Society (Bibliography of Botswana Part I), 1999. 141pp. [945 entries, incl. legal documents, published & unpublished reports, books and articles, theses, conference papers, & appendix of radio-carbon dates]

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Willet, Sheila (comp.), The Khoe and San: An Annotated Bibliography Volume Two Gaborone: Light Books/ Lentswe la Lesedi, 2003. 124pp [449 entries alphabetical by author]

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1. ‘The kgosi in a traditional setting’ by P.T. Mgadla;

2. ‘The nature of Batswana states: towards a theory of Batswana traditional government—the Batawana case’ by T. Tlou;

3. ‘Missionary imperialism—the case of Bechuanaland’ by A.J. Dachs;

4. ‘Land, cattle, and ethnicity: the creation of Linchwe’s Bakgatla 1875-1920’ by F. Morton;

5 ‘The establishment of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1870-1910’ by J. Ramsay;

6 ‘Twentieth century antecedents of decolonising nationalism in Botswana’ by J. Ramsay;

7 ‘The struggle for political freedom and political independence’;

8 ‘The emergence of political parties in Botswana’ by J. Ramsay & N. Parsons;

9 ‘Constitutional development in Botswana’ by B. Othlogile;

& 20 more chapters on post-independence bureaucracy, rural development, urban-industrial development, political participation, & foreign policy]

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Official Publications

Basutoland, The Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland: History of Discussion with the Union of South Africa 1909-1939 London: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (British Parliamentary Papers/ ‘Blue Book’, Cmd. 8707 of Dec. 1952), reprinted 1962. 136pp [at request of South African government, omits 1939-52 material that might damage its case to take over BBS]

Bent, R.A.R. Ten Thousand Men of Africa: The Story of the Bechuanaland Pioneers and Gunners 1941-1946 London: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office for Bechuanaland Government, 1952. 128pp

Knothe, ed. Short History of the Native Tribes of the Transvaal London: War Office & Pretoria: Transvaal Native Affairs Department, 1904-05


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Book Chapters & Periodical Articles

Murray, Andrew, & Neil Parsons ‘The modern economic history of Botswana’ in K.A. Konczacki et al. (eds.) Studies in the Economic History of Southern Africa. Volume One: The Front Line States London: Frank Cass, 1990, pp.159-99

Ndlovu, Sifiso Mxolisi. ‘The ANC in exile, 1960-1970’ [includes Botswana] in SADET (South African Democracy Education Trust) The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 1 (1960-1970) Cape Town: Zebra Press/ Struik, 2004, pp.411-78

Sebina, Peter Mazebe. ‘Makalaka’ African Studies (Johannesburg), vol.5, no.2 (1947), pp. - .

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Newspapers & Periodicals

Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, title varies Daily News/ Dikgang tsa Gompieno etc.) 1964-, government daily newspaper

Botswana Notes and Records (Gaborone, The Botswana Society), 1968/69+ annual volumes [indexes up to 1999 published separately, & Internet site to be completed early 2007 on <>]

Bulawayo Chronicle / Chronicle (Bulwayo), 1894+, real copies available in Bulawayo City Library

Diamond Fields Advertiser (Kimberley), real copies available in Kimberley Public Library

Koranta ea Becoana (Mafikeng: published by Silas Molema, edited by Sol T. Plaatje), semi-monthly newspaper 1901-08 [incomplete run, only a few individual copies in archives etc., but articles sometime reproduced or reported on in Mafeking Mail and Pretoria News ]

Kutlwano (Lobatse, subsequently Gaborone), 1961+, monthly government magazine

Mafeking Mail (Mafeking), 1899-1970s [microfiche in University of Botswana Library, Botswana Documentation & Special Collections]??

Mahoko a Becwana (Kuruman: London Missionary Society), 1883-98, semi-monthly newspaper [complete run now being edited by Prof. P.T. Mgadla]

Naledi ya Batswana / African Echo (Johannesburg: Bantu Press), weekly newspaper 1944-60s [microfiche in University of Botswana Library, Botswana Documentation & Special Collections]??

Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies (University of Botswana, Gaborone), bi-annual, 1982+

The Star (Johannesburg), c.1890+, real copies available in Witwatersrand University Library—all Johannesburg newspapers available on (poor quality) microform in Johannesburg Public Library

Tsala ea Becoana , later titled Tsala ea Batho (Kimberley: published & edited by Sol T. Plaatje), 1910-?, sporadically produced [incomplete run, only a few individual copies in archives etc.]

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Unpublished Manuscripts & Theses

Bolaane, Maitseo. 'Wildlife Conservation and Local Management: the Establishment of Moremi Park, Okavango, Botswana in the 1950s-60s' St Antony’s College, University of Oxford: DPhil, 2004

Crowder, Michael. ‘The Black Prince’ [unfinished biography of Tshekedi Khama] c.1987 (full text available on-line at < >

Makgala, Christian John. ‘The Policy of Indirect Rule in Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1926-57’ University of Cambridge, England: PhD, 2001

Milton, Shaun Nicholas. ‘To Make the Crooked Straight: Settler Colonialism, Imperial Decline, and the South African Beef Industry, 1902-42’[incl. Bechuanaland Protectorate] Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London: PhD, 1996

Morapedi, Wazha Gilbert. ‘Key Aspects of the Agrarian History of Botswana, 1930-1966’

University of Essex, Colchester: PhD, 1998

Ngcongco, Leonard Diniso ‘Some Aspects of Bangwaketse History before 1900’ Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia: PhD, 1977

Parsons, Quentin Neil. ‘Khama III, the Bamangwato, and the British, with Special Reference to 1895-1923’ [Central District] University of Edinburgh: PhD, 1973. 466pp.

Raditladi, Leetile Disang ‘The Destiny of Seretse Khama’ c.1955 (original in possession of Lovedale Press Archives, Rhodes University, Grahamstown; photocopy in Michael Crowder Papers, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London)

Ramsay, Frederick Jeffress (Jnr.) ‘The Rise and Fall of the Bakwena Dynasty of South-Central Botswana, 1820-1940’ Boston University: PhD, 1991. 467pp.

Ratshosa, Simon ‘My Book on Bechuanaland Protectorate’ c.1931 (copies in possession of Botswana National Archives, etc., full text to be made available on-line at <www.thuto.or/ubh>

Seboni, Michael Ontepetse Martinus. ‘The Development of Education in the Bechuanaland Protectorate’ University of South Africa, Pretoria: M.Ed, 1947. 3 vols

Steenkamp, Philip John. ‘A Vision of Order: Development Policy in Bechuanaland, 1929-1937’ Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario: PhD, 1989

Tapela, Henderson M. ‘The Tati District of Botswana, 1866-1869’ [North East District] University of Sussex, Brighton: DPhil, 1976

Thapelo, Teedzani Davis. ‘The Political Economy of Stratified Distribution in Botswana: State, Peasants and Agro-Pastoral Reforms, 1966-1996’ University of London, School of Oriental & African Studies: PhD, 1998

Thema, Benjamin Cogo. ‘The Development of Native Education in the Bechuanaland Protectorate (An Historical Survey) 1840-1946’ University of South Africa, Pretoria: M.Ed, 1947. 118pp

Truschel, Louis W. ‘Accommodation under Imperial Rule: the Tswana of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1895-1920’ Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois: PhD, 1971. 475pp

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Archives & Libraries

[ We suggest that you consult telephone directories & Google on the Internet for more details .]

Anglican Church Archives : Kimberley/ Bloemfontein & Harare/ Bulawayo? Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) Archives, London, papers available on microform [South African National Archives in Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban]

Botswana, Department of Surveys & Lands : Papers relating to farm ownership & land deeds

Botswana, Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs : Papers relating to births, marriages, and deaths

Botswana National Archives

Series for which an extensive Subject Catalogue is available (but from which, tragically, transcripts of court records have been weeded and destroyed by the Archives, preserving only the judgments) :

HC [High Commissioner’s Office] series, c.1870s-1910

RC [Resident Commissioner’s Office] series, c.1904+

S. [Secretariat] series, c.1904-60s [this was the main series for central colonial record keeping]

Series for which only a simple Accession Register is available:

DC [District Commissioner] series, by district 1930s+, incorporating previous BP [Bechuanaland Protectorate] series relating to Assistant Commissioners & Resident Magistrates 1890s-1930s

Department/ Ministry series, i.e. AGRIC(ulture), POL(ice), VET(erinary), etc.

DivCom [Divisional Commissioner] series, i.e. DivComNorth (F/town) & DivComSouth (Lobatse) c.1952-62

OP [Office of the President] series, incorporating Office of Prime Minister 1964+

TA [Tribal Administration] series, e.g. Bangwato Tribal Administration (BTA) post-1930s

For other BNA series, ask to see the relevant Accessions List for a numerical list of its files (with abbreviated titles) organized into archival boxes.

Botswana, Registrar of Companies : papers relating to ownership & transfer of companies

British Parliamentary Papers , (Printed Correspondence Relating to Africa) c.1830s-c.1900 [Irish University Press Reprints in approx. 50 volumes available in University of Botswana Library, Botswana Documentation & Special Collections]

Bulawayo City Library : full run in hard copy of Bulawayo Chronicle etc

Council for World Mission Archives (former Congregational Council for World Mission & London Missionary Society), Africa South: Incoming Correspondence [from Southern African mission stations], c.1840s-1910 [microfiche in University of Botswana Library, Botswana Documentation & Special Collections] [Cape Town office papers?]

David Livingstone, Correspondence & Journals 1840s-60s , available in published volumes edited by Isaac Schapera [in Botswana National Archives Library & University of Botswana Library]

Jesuit Mission Archives , for printed papers see Zambezi Mission Record [copy in SANA Pretoria?]

Kimberley City Library : full run in hard copy of Diamond Fields Advertiser etc.

McGregor Memorial Museum , Kimberley: incl. Duggan-Cronin Photo Library

Oblates of Mary Immaculate , Archives in Pretoria?

Roan Selection Trust Archives (still existing, with name changed?), Ndola

Seventh Day Adventist Mission, Archives?

South African National Archives [catalogue search on-line via Google],

Cape Town Archives Repository: Papers relating to British Bechuanaland c.1884-1895

Transvaal Archives Depository, Pretoria: Papers relating to Bechuanaland border areas c.1870s+

South African Land Registry , Vryburg office: Papers relating to farm ownership & land deeds of Northern Cape Province/ North-West Province

University of Cape Town Jagger Library : special collection of Setswana publications, papers of former colonial officials

University of Witwatersrand Library : full run in hard copy of The Star , The Times , etc.

Wesleyan Methodist Mission Archives : South African papers at Rhodes University, Grahamstown; London papers available on microform in South African National Archives

Witwatersrand Chamber of Mines Archive , Roodepoort, Gauteng: includes papers of KwaTheba/ Manpower Recruiting Organisation of Africa, NLA (Native Recruiting Corporation, south of 22 0 S) and WNLA (Witwatersrand Native Labour Association, north of 22 0 S)

Zion Christian Church , Moria, Limpopo Province SA, Archives?

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